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  • Multimedia: Arnd Bergmannasked wasn't virtio-camera and virtio-video the same thing, Alex Bennéepointed towards Peter Griffin and "it's more complex than that"
  • Memory Isolation: Srivatsa Vaddagiri(question) asked about expanding virtqueue limits and testing with virtio-block. Arnd Bergmannsaid initial implementation would probably be too constrained but can look at it after. Alex Bennéepointed out it would be a baseline reference so we know the performance range between non-isolated virtio guests and Fat VirtQueues. From there it's deciding which trade-offs to make.
  • SCMI Server: ? was keen for the SCMI server to be in userspace. Long discussion about the merits of the various approaches and potential performance hits of userspace (+custom non-upstream kernel API) vs cost to world switch to an RTOS like Zephyr or a Unikernel approach
  • Serial Device: Alex Bennéecalled for engineering resource if we want to take it forward this cycle. Arnd Bergmanndeclared the greybus solution as dead, Mathieu Poiriertalked about rpmsg being actively used as a generic multiplexer slotting into the virtio stack. Pointed out with large numbers of devices on memory constrained systems some sort of multipexler is needed. Arnd Bergmannthrew shade at virto-serial and raised the idea of a generic virtio-on-virtio multiplexer service.
  • AoB: discussion about virtio-vpmb and emmc passthrough.

Action items

  •  Ilias Apalodimas , Arnd Bergmann , Alex Bennée - chase Kernel on RPMB API, propose spec update to handle eMMC passthrough : 4th Feb 2021 need to talk to Ulf, Arnd says there is a hold up, but need a proper patch for USFS but the author never followed up, this was up to v7.  there is no proper interface. Arnd / Illias to continue the discussion with Ulf and perhaps Intel. : Feb 18th  API from intel is too detailed, not useful for RPMB - proposed to list this week. probably have to respin with a higher-level API for RPMB. If this does not go in OASIS might have to change.  Alex change driver mode of Linux is the best answer:  feb19 2021 - moved to