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  • Alex
  • Mathieu
  • Matthew Spencer (ARM)
  • Ilias
  • Lioc Pallardy
  • Jean-Phillipe 
  • Srivasta 
  • Pratik Patel
  • Arnd
  • Bogden Vlad
  • Catalin
  • Souvik Chakravarty
  • Diana Craciun
  • Discussion items
  • Vincent: SCMI Server
  • Alex: RustVMM/RPMB

Discussion Points 

  • SCMI
    • postpone to next call (Vincent on holiday)
  • RPMB
    • discussions about the key management - TrustZone vs Secure Enclave 
    • IL: if you don't have a secure world where your secret key is stored is a problem
    • Arnd: whats the actual use case of virtio-rpmb
      • AJB: well the first was a backend for OPTEE development under emulation
      • Also secure world application under EL2 (separate from Trusted OS)
      • Who can we ask on the key sub-system?
      • IL: Sumit 
      • IL: can we disable the PROGRAM_KEY option
      • Arnd: we could gate it with kernel lockdown feature
  • virtio-i2c
    • Arnd: patches on list, looking good.
    • Might not work with some devices due to feature bits/quirks for older i2c devices (e.g. 10 bit addressing)
  • AZ: asked to re-iterate the vhost-user discussion

Action items