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4. WoA (win-arm64) support


Limitation of the cross-compilation

  • From Python point of view, we can only invoke native compilation on x64 and win-arm64 as well.

  • But it's cross-compilation by the C compiler (MSVC), so I tend to call it fake native it’s not a perfectly clean cross-compilation as we convince Python to invoke the native build flow by a cross-compiler.

    • By VSCMD_ARG_TGT_ARCH env var, we're telling to Python it runs on the given platform

    • As there is no native compiler for win-arm64 this works (for now) - as seen in sources below - win-arm64 platform always results x86/arm64 compiler.

      • VSCMD_ARG_TGT_ARCH=arm64 -> x86_arm64  (PLAT_TO_VCVARS) -> VC\Tools\MSVC\<version>\bin\HostX86\ARM64\cl.exe

  • build_ext has plat_name as cross-compiling target platform parameter, which looks hacky at first sight and I suppose that's why it’s not preferred to use

  • I see one long-term problem here:

    • If there will be ever a native win-arm64/win-arm64 MSVC compiler, this method should be updated heavily as it can't fallback to win-arm64 = x86/win-arm64 anymore.

      • The current fake cross-compilation would fail as it would try to use the real native one.

    • It’s not a blocker, but it should be known.