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One of the main limitations of the new flang seems to be that there is no driver support for end-to-end code generation. The compilation can be done with the help of few development tools as described in the example here

WoA Status

An unofficial build for new flang from the fir-dev branch is created by Diana Picus (Deactivated) .

flang-new.exe only has a fortran frontend and requires another fortran compiler for code generation. Documentation suggests setting F18_FC environment variable to specify external Fortran compiler to use But this doesn’t seem to work for windows on arm yet.

It is also not possible to compile fortran code using development tools as suggested in the example as all of the development tools required are not yet available for Windows platforms.

Future Plans

flang windows is not yet com


gFortran is probably one of the popular open-source fortran compilers by GNU.

gFortran See Flang support in LLVM


gFortran doesn’t yet have arm targets for windows builds.

Future Plans

There doesn’t seem to be any ongoing activity to support windows/arm targets for Linaro’s effort to port GNU Toolchain for Windows/Arm64 would enable gFortran.