2022-08-04 Meeting notes


Aug 4, 2022


  • @Shashi Mallela

  • @Lorenzo Pieralisi

  • @Niyas Sait

  • @julianus.larson

  • Fugang (CIX)

  • Bob (CIX)

  • Jammy (CIX)

 Discussion topics





@Fugang Duan



Fugang - Tested Linux DT and many features already supported. Firmware code is open-source. Nice for us to use this for ACPI enablement.

Niyas - WIndows driver are also available with source-code.

Lorenzo - Is runtime power management verified in DT for devices ? Fugang - Yes.

Lorenzo - Which devices have devfreq support ? Fugang - All IP seems to support device power management.

Jammy - If other options can also be used like QEMU/FVP/RPi depends on platform availability to Linaro people then this platform can be also used.

Niyas - Isn’t it better to consolidate the effort on one platform rather than fragmenting effort across multiple platform.

Platform evaluation board availability - CIX have access already, no access for linaro yet.

Jammy - CIX can help with initial enablement for the platform. Fugang can join for the firmware development.

Jammy - CIX can list features that they can enable initially for platform

@Niyas Sait

ACPI/SCMI Power management with emulated platforms

Niyas - Parallel track to look at ACPI/SCMI with FVP

Jammy - Is it possible to enable any missing features with help of emulated platforms ? Niyas/Shashi - QEMU and FVP have good support for Linux ACPI. Probably nothing much we can enable with emulated platforms.


Move project from ad-hoc mode into proper sprint mode

Julianus, Shashi, Niyas and Fugang to help with putting this in Jira to structure the project.

Julanus can call meeting to discuss this further.


 Action items

@Fugang Duan to send link to evaluation board for I.MX8M platform
@Fugang Duan to list acpi features that CIX can enable for the initial enablement
Julianus, Shashi, Niyas and Fugang to work together on getting things into jira