Description details for Arm Client PC

EDK2 Firmware for Reference Platform

A fully functional and SystemReady compliant EDK2 firmware with the following properties

  • System firmware based on UEFI specification version 2.8 or later and incorporates AArch64 bindings

  • UEFI compliant system(s) which follow the requirements in section 2.6 of the specification and provide the UEFI services and protocol from the provided list

  • SMBIOS support

  • ACPI implementation with power, performance thermal management capabilities.

  • Validate SystemReady SR compliance using ACS Test suite which provides 

    • UEFI Shell application for BSA/SBSA compliance

    • SCT tests for BBR/SBBR compliance

    • FWTS tests for SBBR compliance

Arm Trusted Firmware (TF-A)

TF-A implementaion for the platform with PSCI and SCMI(depends on platform) support.

Linux ACPI Implementation

Investigate gaps in Linux Arm64 for ACPI with the help of reference platform and implement any missing parts required.

Evaluate Windows

Evaluate the reference platform and firmware with Windows and ensure Windows ACPI subsystem and Windows Power management framework (PoFx) etc. work as expected.

ACPI Specification

Investigate any extensions required for ACPI standards (e.g: devfreq) and work with the UEFI and ACPI standardisation bodies.

Reference Devices

Following platforms are being used as reference platforms to validate ACPI,SCMI and OS compatiblity for Client PC and implement

missing modules/functionalities.

  • Morello FVP

  • RD-N2 FVP

  • NXP I.MX8M


  • EDK2 [with ACPI] firmware implementation for the reference platform

  • Linux kernel support to boot and run with the reference firmware

  • Evaluate the reference firmware with Windows

  • Documentation

  • CI beyond the SystemReady testing