Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2022-03-01


Mar 1, 2022



Jonatan Antoni

Daniel Brondani

Kyle Dando

Maxime Dortel

Vincent Grenet

Graham Hammond

Reinhard Keil

Anca Oprea

Frederic Ruelle

Cristian Tepus

David Jurajda

Petr Hradsky



JA opens the meeting and presents todays agenda.

RK adds credits for FR about the work done to Project Manager Generator-Support.

DJ wants to add agenda point about differences between NXPs internal data description and the Open-CMSIS-Pack ones.

JA adds this as last item before the wrap up.

DB gives an update about GitHub issues under discussion throughout the past week.

VG summarizes his efforts on adding vendor specific data into separated scopes within the data schemas discussed in GitHub issue #83.

DB adds concerns about introducing another keyword for default properties.

DB explains todays compiler abstraction related to concerns raised by VG in GitHub issue #120. He asks all to add their suggestions.

DB answers to the question raised by FR in GitHub issue #165 about different component id separators.

DB announces the release of CMSIS-Toolbox 0.9.1 which ships a couple of enhancements and asks for immediate feedback.

DB presents an achitecture enhancements to CPRJ to keep separation between Project Manager and Build Manager as discussed in GitHub issue #171. The multi CPRJ collection file shall describe the dependencies (such as build order) between multiple generated CPRJ files that belong to single project.

DB addresses a question raised in the meeting chat about speeding up build times by using multi-core (concurrent) compilation. Apperently the concurrent compilation seems to be an issue addressed by the lower level build system such as Ninja or Make.

RK asks if we could straight generate CMakeLists.txt instead of an intermediate MCPRJ XML file.

DB points out that this might break separation of concerns between Project Manager and Build Manager as of today its up to Build Manager to decide which build system is to be used.

FR wants to clarify that MCPRJ is just an intermediate file generated all the time by Project Manager.

DB confirms that MCPRJ is an intermediate file.

RK gives an update to Project Manager todo list. Since last week work has been spent on Generator support, see GitHub issue #20. RK tells about his work together with FR on capturing a user’s workflow when a Generator like STCube is involved. He asks the audince to revisite the writeup in the issue. The key point is to introduce a *.cgenerator.yml file to act as the interface between Open-CMSIS-Pack tools and vendor generators.

RK points out an issue about specifying version ranges for components. Different situations need to be considered and there seems not to be a perfect solution.

GH adds a widely used solution to specify compatible version is to use ~ character.

JA proposes to capture that in a new GitHub issue.

JA hands over to DJ to present.

DJ presents how component meta data is used in today’s NXP tools to describe components, dependencies, and projects. A requirement not addressed by Open-CMSIS-Pack today is the ability to store projects in a single folder. I.e., all source files copied into the project workspace (physical folders) instead if being just referenced from their pack install location (virtual folder).

RK points out that this might require all files to be listed explicitly. Depending on the scenario, potentially involving lots of components, this might become very complex.

FR adds that similar requirements exist in ST.

RK wraps up the meeting and asks all to have a look into issues marked with “DONE” if these can be finally closed.

RK announces the annual CMSIS review meeting taking place March 15th starting 16:40 CET. Due to time conflict no Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting will take place on that Tuesday.