Open-CMSIS-PackOpen-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2023-04-11

Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2023-04-11


Evgueni Driouk

Joachim Krech

Reinhard Keil

Daniel Brondani

Bill Fletcher

David Jurajda

Eric Finco

Matthew Gordon

Samuel Hultgren

Frédéric Ruellé

Holt Sun

Kyle Dando




Meeting Notes

Specification Change Board

CMSIS-Toolbox 2.0 Project Board

#226 <examples> element: add environment name="cmsis", deprecate <attributes>

RK: This is duplicating data with risk of inconsistency

EF: See it as a problem. It is already used internally. We intend to use it externally and make it visible.

RK: Optional rather than deprecate?

#806 [csolution] Processor FPU option doesn't cover all possible variants

RK: Why would you need this level of control?

JK: Maybe pre-compiled libraries that don’t support some options?

DB: Could be for optimising power consumption

RK: This is at source code level. Double precision hardware would reduce the number of instructions executed so less power consumption

ED: What do we do with the old condition expressions?

#813 Reduce number of characters in JSON schema title, add description

JK: Part of the schema files. How the yaml file presents in the editor

#819 Add schema version to csolution files

RK: Suggest to introduce a min version for a csolution. Not everything is represented in the schema. Similar to how CMake specifies the minimum version.

MG: Do we need a max version?

FR: It couples the yaml with the csolution. If we want to have our own interpretation of the yaml.

JK: It couples it to the reference implementation.

#821 Consistent and simple ./out directory structure

RK: this is when no output dir is specified.

EF: How do you differentiate the different build type?

RK: Via a context manager (cf vsstudio)

#824 Use the term context consistently, Context management in IDE

#823 Allow to specify more then one context for csolution and cbuild

Meeting Recording