Asking For Help

If you are looking for the answer to a question, have you checked the IT Services documentation? The Search box (top right of the web page) can help if you aren't sure how to navigate around the web site.

If you can't find the answer, or if you've got a request or problem that you need assistance with, there are a number of options:

Please note that IT Services have introduced some automated requests, i.e. where the request can be fulfilled automatically if appropriate. These are documented /wiki/spaces/IKB/pages/14324303332as a reminder of what can be done through the Service Desk web interface rather than asking for help by email. In addition, you can easily identify the automated request types when looking at the portal because they have (A) at the end of their name.

If you want to see what progress is being made on your ticket, you can look at your requests on Linaro's Service Desk.

Support Hours and SLA details

IT Services generally provides support during working days between 8:30 and 17:30 UTC. Those hours will adjust slightly as the UK goes into and out of daylight savings. So, for example, if the UK is in daylight savings, the hours will be 8:30 to 17:30 UTC+1.

There will be exceptions to those hours, e.g. public holidays, illness, etc., but we will endeavour to maintain as normal and consistent a support window as possible.

Our support SLA is:

  • First response to tickets within 14 hours for general issues (working hours as above).
  • First response to tickets within 2 hours for degraded service issues (working hours as above).
  • First response to tickets within 15 minutes for business critical issues (24/7).
  • First response to tickets within 24 hours for all other issues (24/7).

We do not normally check the ticketing system or work email outside working hours unless with prior agreement, e.g. to provide support over a specific weekend during a high visibility release cycle.

Due to the wide variety of requests received by IT Services, we cannot commit to a time to resolution.

If you need support outside of these hours, please read /wiki/spaces/IKB/pages/14402456870. Note that this page is only accessible to Linaro staff.

Supported Services

If you are unsure whether a system or service is managed by the Information Services team or by the Systems team, please look at

If the system is marked as "Managed by System Technologies", please go to LAB & Systems Software - Agile Board - Jira ( and click on the "Create" button to create a Jira issue there.

If you are not sure, feel free to create a request with IT Services but please understand that if it isn't one of the systems listed above, the response may be delayed while we figure out who needs to be involved.

Service Status

You can view our Service Status page via You can subscribe via email, RSS, Twitter, iCalendar or's HTTP POST webhook. This is done by clicking the "Subscribe" link on and choosing your preferred method(s).

External Service Status

Some externals services (currently only Amazon's EC2 and are also listed on

Service status for Google's Apps platform can be found on Google's App Status Dashboard