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Good Arm and AArch64 support in upstream LLVM is of great importance to assure it remains highly performant, secure, free of regressions, and competitive against other architectures. LLVM work we are doing is critical in assuring that Arm and AArch64 is a top tier citizen in the LLVM ecosystem.

Development of LLVM Toolchain:

  • Clang compiler


    • We implement new and improve existing code-size and code-speed optimizations for AArch64 and ARM targets.

  • LLDB debugger


    • We develop support for new ARMv8.x architectural features and improve debugging experience.

  • Compiler-RT runtime libraries


    • We port and improve compiler sanitizers (ASAN, TSAN, etc.) to AArch64 and ARM architectures. Sanitizer changes are then merged into GCC to have both LLVM and GNU toolchains provide sanitizer features.

  • LLD linker


    • In LLD linker we implement ELF section-level optimizations, as well as workarounds for hardware errata.

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