2023-06-07 Meeting Minutes Notes:


Jun 7, 2023



# Minutes-of-Meeting:

  1. Salil shared the Qemu repo, slides related to qemu changes and testing updates and KVMForum 2023 Talk sync-up. 


  # Qemu Repo of the latest port (tested with Oliver's Upton's changes and handling): 

    Link: https://github.com/salil-mehta/qemu.git   virt-cpuhp-armv8/rfc-v1-port11052023.dev-1

  # Summary of fixes discussed:

  • Cold-booted vcpus can now be added using '-device' option

  • SMCCC Filter installation changes and Hypercall Exit handling changes with Oliver Upton's patches

  • Need a new forward ported James Kernel patches for vcpu hotplug

  • _STA.{PRES, ENA} status of the vcpus get reflected correctly during guest boot.

  • Pseudo/Live Migration now works – [Limited Testing]

  • Removed the 'id' string assigned to the 'realized' Cold-booted vcpus. 'libvirt' should now work.

  • Left Over: _OSC AML Method still to be included in Qemu and tested


2. Discussion of using OSC bit to not modify the x86 flow.

  • James stated it is a bug fix.  Conclusion - move forwards with bug fix 

   and cross fingers no one has broken firmware. If they do we may need

   to quirk (but do it when read)


3. Vishnu asked for branches to test. 

  • Salil provided QEMU link for the repository

  • James look to post RFC next week. Delaying posting until can test rebased series.

  • Salil also share his kernel forward port of James' code to facilitate qemu testing. [TODO: will share later]


4. Move ACPI pick up of present / enabled moved  -  will affect a wide range of devices beyond CPUs.


5. Summary of key topics for KVM forum discussion in the slides.

6. LOD meeting recordings:

密码: n2R@4^y&

  1. The slides (Qemu + Kernel) and video related to the "Virtual CPU Hotplug presentation" recently concluded at KVMForum2023 Conference are now available at the below link: https://kvm-forum.qemu.org/2023/talk/9SMPDQ/