Enable Arm Architecture in QEMU

About this project

QEMU is a multi-platform Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM) and emulator. We believe it is a key tool for open source projects who want to develop for the ARM ecosystem and experiment with the latest features. The QEMU team within Linaro are responsible for maintaining many parts of the project including ARM specific code, the core translation engine, developer features and parts of the testing automation and CI loop. Our primary goals are:

  • Ensure an active and well maintained upstream project

  • Upstream useful architectural features

  • Support it as a software reference platforms for a number of projects

  • Improve the developer experience of using QEMU

As we have expertise in JITs and code generation we also have interests in other tools such as Valgrind and what would be needed to enhance them to support developments in the architecture.

Get Involved

The majority of the discussion is upstream with few Linaro specific calls and the occasional upstream KVM  call on a Tuesday

  • Upstream IRC channel  is #qemu on OFTC,  Engineers nics are pm215, rth and stsquad

  • Linaro IRC channel #linaro-tcwg on Libera.chat




Future Versions

Released Versions



The following items are on the project backlog but not currently planned. If you are interested in contributing to any of these items, please state your intention on the project's mailing list (found above):


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