2020-09-03 Project Stratos Sync Meeting notes


  • Alex
  • Mathieu
  • Mike
  • Mark
  • John Niven Arm
  • Tom
  • Ed Doxat Arm
  • Sumit
  • Don
  • Steffano - able to join towards end
  • Souvik
  • Anmar
  • Joakim
  • Ruckika
  • Satayaki
  • Azzedine
  • Diana
  • Randy
  • Illias
  • Pratik
  • Don


  • Get a view of the  engineering support available to work on Stratos

Discussion items

  • Staffing plan updates
    • Additional resources planned from KWG - Jean-Philippe BruckerAlex Bennéeand Jean-Philippe Brucker to coordinate.
    • Linaro PoR is solidified on Sep 15th
    • Planned
      • STR-5 - VirtIO RPMB
      • STR-13 - A demonstration of the portability of Virtio FE's between KVM and Xen systems
    • Not Planned
      • Implement Optimized VirtIO interfaces (STR-9)

      • STR-1 - VirtIO Audio
      • STR-2 - VirtIO Watchdog
      • STR-3 - VirtIO SPI
      • STR-4 - VirtIO SCMI and other resource management approaches
      • STR-6 - VirtIO SMMUv
      • STR-7 - Create a common virtio library for use by programs implementing a backend
      • STR-8 - Prototype a minimal memory profile virtio backed with front end changes
    • hypervisor boot orchestration (type-1) (STR-10)

    • RTOS Dom0 on the safety island (STR-11)
    • Hypercall Standarardization (STR-12)
    • Improve VirtIO interfaces implementation for type-1 hypervisors (STR-14)

Azzedine : expecting to add an engineer.

Souvik  can we join  KWG SCMI and Stratos : Mathieu I think these are not colosly coupled : Alex isint there a dependancy ? : Souvik yes, need to connect to something.  MP: should not add a dependancy . Azzedine - both args are valid

Alex - is it transparrrent? , Souvick there is somethign to  consider

MP: need to have virtio expert to oversiee and maintain common design aproahces, comment on patches  as first pass. Virtio maintainer is Redhat - Michael (MST).  Ed other engeeing benifits - do we have an aim to deliver within X percent of bare metal - AZ yes, we do need KPIs etc think we can work on the requirement in this team, might need to organise the review aspect  MP: likly first partisipant will become the reviewer.

MP: what about QoS, see this on rpoc side of things. Use case two SPI controllers, how to avoid issues. Could use BFQ like solution (algorithims) Souvik since SCMI is quite far along boot becomes slow, may need to change drivers to change order to acomodate the differences.

AZ: QoS can be tackled independanly to the uncovered boot issues for example

AZ SCMI stands on its own, SPI etc may be small topics and it may be possible for QC to tackle these

MP: virtio-audo is already in play, rpmsg subsystem has been sent patches - AZ: is this Acorn (intel) : TG: Google also active in audio

Alex still need to talk to JP, what do people think is most valuable ? Suggest minimal memory footprints, AZ: that makes perfect sence andit foundational.

AZ: another topic Knowing how to manage manifets and pahge tables - device tree realted - virtio-smmu may make this come out naturally, page tables and memory allocation

Improved the scope, facitate the discussion.

SS: do the cards make more sence now ?  Ed - having rtos as dom zero, we were not  clear is zepher, we have updated the card to confrim this choice, the other cards were clarifications rather than changes.

Anmar : Mailing list was broken, please resend: AZ: planning to get back to this, Ed have busy people and new people. 

  • Mike Holmes There is a proposed "fireside chat" on virtualization planned for linaro connect, does anyone have any suggestions for  questions ?
  • Don - do you mean suggestions of people, or of questions: Alex - be nice to have an Arm representative. Pre recorded session, Arm dont think we will be ready to help

Diana : dont currently have any capacity to  join in from the current plan.  Anmar : we could still do with input on wether the cards meet NXP needs now or in the future>

Action items