2020-09-16 Project Stratos Demo notes




  • Best: Boot both Xen and KVM on SynQuacer, therefore we can differentiate from OpenSynergy's demo, saying we are supporting hypervisor type1 and 2
  • Alternative: Boot Xen on MacchiatoBin, and KVM on SynQuacer. 
  • Video only demo. Stability is not a problem.

Use synquaser - Debian with Grub boot Xen / Debian or Debian
Is there a 32bit GPU driver to acomodate Synquaser workarrounds
Peter - use RB3, has good upstream and working ipensrc GPU driver, talk to Nico
Masami - can we ue USB3 to HDMI, and remove PCI. Alex I have not been able to make these to work, perfomance will not be an issue

Peter - options

Alex - what is time line: Victor by end of October 31st, that is get a video sent to them. AGL summit is December 2~4th.

Action items

  • Masami Hiramatsu  check that AGL works
  • Masami Hiramatsu  check that Synquaser can install and run  Xen
  • Unknown User (victor.duan@linaro.org) Confirm with the Panasonic and OpenSynergy on AGL UCB version. Information from Panasonic is Happy Halibut. Emailed OpenSynergy to confirm detail.