2021-03-18 Project Stratos Sync Meeting notes


  • Mike
  • BillM
  • Bjorn
  • Srivatsa (QC)
  • Vincent
  • Jean-Philippe
  • Alex 
  • Arnd
  • Don
  • Mathieu
  • Ruchika
  • Ilias
  • Pratik
  • Joakim
  • Arnaud
  • Catalin (NXP)
  • Srinivas
  • Francios
  • Pater
  • Loic (ST)
  • Diana (NXP)
  • Satyaki
  • Randy
  • Bogdan (NXP)

Discussion items

Discussion Points 

Alex: QEMU is reusable?  The virtio-rpmb daemon is a standalone daemon which will interact with any master that speaks the vhost-user protocol. The re-implementation being written using the rust-vmm crates is tested with QEMU even though it has (obviously) no QEMU code in it.

SV : any barriers to that ask

Alex: relative maturity of the virtio support, this is why we have used traditional C,

SV: Arm64 is missing, Alex : It is generally supported - things like firecracker,  SV: rust-vmm is marked for 2021 roadmap

Tooling: AJB - basically use rustup to get the latest version of the LSP tools

Profiling: https://github.com/flamegraph-rs/flamegraph

long discussion...

Pratik : QEMU guest loader, we the intention to load via Xen?

Alex: it is purely for being a development aid to test Xen under QEMU,  it takes care of bypassing the other moving parts to get on with the job.  

Pratik: is Xen aware of them,  Alex: it just loads blob in the address space of what is being emulated. 

Alex: not the same as dom0 less system, but perhaps could be extended, would be device tree based

Action items