2021-12-09 Project Stratos Meeting Notes


  • @Alex Bennée

  • @Mathieu Poirier

  • @Anmar Oueja

  •  @Jean-Philippe Brucker

  • @Don Harbin

  • @Vincent Guittot

  • @Arnd Bergmann

  • @Peter Griffin

  • Christopher Clark

  • Loic Pallardy

  • Arnuad


Apologies for issues with the meeting link, updated on all the invites now

  • SCMI backend

  • Any update on fat virtqueue (STR-15 / STR-25)?

    • Arnd: two main problems. Debugging and layering issue (all devices assume virtqueue/vring size)

    • Artem: we should take this to a community discussion

      • virtio-dev, CC, Alexander Tsyshinko

  • Artem (EPAM): Update from our side re: Zephyr on Xen (STR-21)

    • Zephyr up and running as a Dom0

    • 2nd PR merged, 3rd in progress

    • Link in ticket

    • AJB: just using stable ABIs, Artem: yes

  • Virtio backends that can be potentially FuSa compliant

    • ARM working on some basic implementations (awaiting publishing)

    • AJB: any interest in watchdog device, Artem: yes, currently done with Xen, but there is interest

  • Holiday break - when to resume?

    • consensus of 20th Jan seemed reasonable