2022-02-03 Project Stratos Sync Meeting Notes


  • @Alex Bennée

  • @Mathieu Poirier

  • @Don Harbin

  • @Peter Griffin

  • @Vincent Guittot

  • @Arnd Bergmann

  • Srinivisata


  • Stratos Sprints

  • VG: questions on emulating virtio-mmio in QEMU

    • discussion about how to manage virtio backend without vhost-user

    • when the virtio-scmi is running in zephyr for example

    • existing solution uses an additional vhost-user message

    • AB: who decides where the memory is?

    • VG: everything is hardcoded at the moment (via DTB)


  • @Alex Bennée to ping @Stefano Stabellini so we can brainstorm solutions to Xen setup for the SCMI work.