Stratos2022-03-18 Project Stratos Meeting notes

2022-03-18 Project Stratos Meeting notes


Mar 18, 2022


  • @Alex Bennée

  • @Mathieu Poirier

  • @Stefano Stabellini

  • @Vincent Guittot

  • @Don Harbin

  • @Azzedine Touzni

  • @Catalin Udma (NXP)

  • Srinivas Ramana

  • @Randy Linnell


  • Mathieu: Xen Sys Crate/Goldstein

  • AoB

 Discussion topics

  • MP:

  • SS:

    • there is a difference between KVM views of VMM and Xen’s

    • IOREQ just does emulation

    • “tools” does the VM control

  • SS:

    • Virtio already works on HVM guests with QEMU x86

      • but becomes non-secure

      • also very slow

      • active work from Xilinx

        • TPM emulation

        • two machine types (HVM with IOREQ) and PV (without IOREQ)

        • Vikram @ Xilinx

  • MP: still not sure what the rust-vmm work is doing

  • SS:

    • just the basic work for hypercalls?

  • SS:

    • the toolstack is a whole bunch of issues

      • libs to make hypercalls

      • binary to start VMs

      • large code base, not liked and rewitten at least once

    • also a OCaml toolstack

    • Can both be replaced by a rust one

      • would be the 4th iteration

    • From a safety cert viewpoint

      • not even tried with the tool stack

      • likey rewrite from scartch

      • should not be a linux toolstack

  • MP

    • just concentrating on the foundation

  • AJB

    • outlined xen vhost-master

  • VG

    • done some work on merging

  • SS

    • we have the two approaches

    • EPAM work has been held up by the war

    • Was a spec question being held up on SCMI

      • Spec says DT defines device ids for SCMI

      • should be in generic device tree right?

        • difficult to make changes not used by LKML

        • push back from ARM maintainers - should be in spec?

  • VG

    • just pushing back because not used by kernel

    • optee create their own bindings as well

  • SS

    • we get a lot of specific DT nodes (OPTEE, Xen, Uboot are examples)

  • VG

    • maybe SCMI section is the solution

  • SS

 Action items

@Alex Bennée show the disaggregation patches to Stefano/Vikram
@Alex Bennée add cards for kernel eventfd/xen glue
@Vincent Guittot : thread to start with the ARM guys on SCMI DT bindings