Billboard archive


December 2022

  • New MACHINE_FEATURES support on meta-ts

    • silence-console will disable console output

    • disable-console will replace U-Boots console with an interactive menu

November 2022

  • meta-ts v0.2 released! Link

  • A/B updates merged in U-Boot

  • SR-IR 1.0 certification for stmp32mp1 boards using meta-ts

October 2022

  • Added LAVA self tests for UEFI secure and measured boot

  • PAC enabled in OP-TEE core

September 2022

August 2022

  • Sr-IR for Rockpi4b using meta-ts

July 2022

  • Removed SHA1 support from UEFI certificates for U-Boot

  • Fixed TPM provided RNG in U-Boot

June 2022

April 2022

  • Reworked capsule updates for U-Boot. The previous implementation wasn’t adhering to the EFI spec

  • Bumped all meta-ts supported boards to the latest stable U-Boot 2022.04

  • Fixed all the remaining SystemReady Interface Extensions failures in U-Boot

March 2022

  • U-Boot fixes in EFI. The Arm security ACS should pass all tests now

  • Fault mitigation patterns investigation for OP-TEE TAs

  • Blogposts on FF-A support within OP-TEE

  • Basic TPM2 support added into OP-TEE

February 2022

  • Created patches for SystemReady-ACS for arm7 (stm32mp1 tested)

  • Fixed UEFI Secure boot with intermediate certificates

  • Updated meta-ts, consumers can now define their own set of keys to create
    the EFI security database

  • Menu driven boot device selection for U-Boot posted in ML. Patches are under review

  • Added support for Xilinx kv260 AI vision starter kit

January 2022

  • Major cleanup and bug fixes on UEFI secure boot

  • A/B update support merged in TF-A

  • v3 of A/B updates in U-Boot under review

  • ARM secure side virtualization FFA-1.0: patches for optee-os and optee linux driver based on FF-A have been merged

December 2021

  • FF-A Firmware Update specifications update forwarded to U-Boot mailing list

  • BTI patches for OP-TEE

  • Linux kernel OP-TEE runtime check PoC released

November 2021

  • OP-TEE release 3.15, asynchronous notifications of secure world in progress

  • Xen mediator for OP-TEE PoC ready (DRM for automotive for instance)

  • EFI TCG2 compliance in U-Boot.  All patches have been merged upstream

  • Fixed PE/COFF alignment in U-Boot.