This page captures the progress of Bazel for windows on arm.



  • Bazelisk (launcher for Bazel) doesn’t yet have support for woa.

Bazel Binaries

Bazel pre-built binaries for woa are available

Building from Source

Bazel can be built from the source and requires an x64 bazel for cross-compilation.

You need Bazel(x64) 5 or later.

bazel build --subcommands --cpu=x64_arm64_windows //src:bazel.exe

This generates a standalone bazel.exe which is a native arm64 Bazel binary.

Bazel builds generated by CI

Bazel binaries for WoA are published as part of Bazel CI and every commit generates a build.

An example built from an old commit. Replace the commit id with one of the latest to access latest builds.

You might need to explicitly add an exe suffix to the generated binary to execute it.


Using the examples provided in

For targeting windows/arm64 , the following flag needs to be specified


For native compilation, target CPU is auto-detected and explicit target is not required.

Few examples given below,

Cross compilation

bazel build --subcommands //main:hello-world --cpu=arm64_windows

Native Compilation

bazel build --subcommands //main:hello-world