2022-04-25 Windows on Arm Technical


  • @marcus.perryman

  • @Pierrick Bouvier

  • @Everton Constantino

  • @Omair Javaid

  • @Zac Walker

  • @Sanket Kalaskar

  • @Al Grant

  • @Anthony Roberts

Previous actions






@Omair Javaid

arm64 debug registers accessibility - Microsoft contact for support ?

Marcus - send an email with details

@Niyas Sait

Update on GHA/Azure Pipeline free agents ?

Marcus - no further update. Azure dev team is looking at possible options.

@Niyas Sait

Cross compilation for Python packages

Niyas - Steve and team could take up remaining python enablement work and Linaro to focus on other priorities

Marcus - No update on TensorFlow. PyTorch support for WoA might be required. Linaro will work on getting PR merged and let Microsoft DevDiv team to maintain it.


gcc engagement

Marcus - Delayed due to holiday. Might get agreement “tomorrow”

Action items


@Omair Javaid to send an email to MS with details on the debug accessibility issue
@Anthony Roberts to report MSVC bug found with MySQL debug compilation
@Pierrick Bouvier to do a write-up on potential solutions using Azure VMs
@Niyas Sait to do a sizing estimate - Project to support vs VMs required.
@marcus.perryman to talk with Visual studio team on CMake (Native) integration