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If you have a question, a request or problem that you think IT Services can help you with, here is a short guide as to different options and when you should use which.


  • First response to tickets within 14 hours for general issues (working hours as above).
  • First response to tickets within 2 hours for degraded service issues (working hours as above).
  • First response to tickets within 15 minutes for business critical issues (24/7).
  • First response to tickets within 24 hours for all other issues (24/7).


If you need support outside of these hours, please read /wiki/spaces/IKB/pages/14402456870. Note that this page is only accessible to Linaro staff.

Supported Services

IT Services is responsible for the following services:


If you are unsure whether a system or service is managed by the Information Services team or by the Systems team, please look at




Everything else is likely to be managed by the System Technologies team and Jira issues can be created at

If the system is marked as "Managed by System Technologies", please go to LAB & Systems Software - Agile Board - Jira ( and click on the "Create" button to create a Jira issue there.

If you are not sure, feel free to create a request with IT Services but please understand that if it isn't one of the systems listed above, the response may be delayed while we figure out who needs to be involved.