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1) Mission and Responsibilities of the Decision Committee

  1. The mission of the Decision Committee is to take decisions on issues which have been discussed in the project technical meeting (also known as the working group). Generally the working group has agreed that the issue should go to the decision committee. In the event of a disagreement on even this, the strong view of one member can be enough to bring an issue to this committee.

  2. Issues marked as ‘For Review’ in the process are considered by the committee

  3. Outcomes for a given issue are: Accepted, Rejected. Exceptionally (and unanimously) the meeting can agree to defer an issue.

2) Conduct of Meetings

  1. Meetings will be limited to member representatives and follow the requirements for quorum and voting outlined in this Charter. 

  2. The meeting will be chaired by a representative from Linaro. In the event that a Linaro representative is unable to attend, the meeting can appoint an acting chair subject to the rules of Quorum and Voting, below.

  3. Should a representative be unable to attend, they may designate a named delegate to act on their behalf, including any voting responsibilities and commitments. The name of the delegate shall be provided to the meeting organizer at least 1 hour prior to the start of the meeting.

  4. Meeting discussions are confidential amongst members but the decisions are public

3) Quorum and Voting

  1. Quorum for meetings requires two-thirds of the voting representatives and a minimum of three representatives including a chair. As the purpose is to make decisions, the committee will not continue the meeting if quorum is not achieved.

  2. If any decision requires a vote to move forward, the representatives will vote on a one vote per representative basis.

  3. Abstentions are permitted.

  4. Decisions by vote will be based on a majority vote of the voting representatives present.

  5. In the event of a tied vote, the chair of the meeting will submit a tie-breaking vote.

  6. The chair may optionally conduct any vote using an appropriate electronic voting mechanism, including the collection of votes via email.

4) Amendments

  1. This charter may be amended by the LITE Steering Committee.