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OP-TEE is an open source TEE that has been well received by SoC vendors and OEMs and has been deployed in mobile phones, tablets, cameras, set-top boxes etc. On this project page you will find what Linaro plans to work with when it comes to OP-TEE.

Linaro used to own the OP-TEE project, but in September 2019 the ownership was transferred to the project. Despite that Linaro still continues to contribute to the OP-TEE project just as before, the only difference is that Linaro should from now on be seen as any other contributor to the OP-TEE project. To try to avoid confusion with OP-TEE at, we've named our project "Linaro OP-TEE contributions".

This means that Linaro makes an internal roadmap for OP-TEE, a roadmap that is in sync with the members of Linaro as well as with the project.

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