As part of our working relationship with ARM, we are able to provide licences for the use of the DS-5 tool to those engineers that need it for their work. The tool can be downloaded from: http://www.arm.com/products/tools/software-tools/ds-5/ds-5-downloads.php

In accordance with the license agreement between ARM and Linaro, Member Assignees to Linaro must agree that they will only use this DS-5 licence for Linaro-directed work, and that they will not use the license for work being carried out under the direction of the Assignee's company, i.e. the Linaro Member company,  or any other 3rd party. Member assignees must agree to these terms before the license is provided to them. Failure to comply with this agreement may result in legal action being taken by ARM.

Licences can be requested by opening a ticket here: Linaro Help Center: IT Support: License Request. If you are unable to browse this link, you can also request a license by sending an email to it-support@linaro.org.