This pages captures the risk identified in the project as they are identified and attempts to devise a mitigation strategy.







If the SOAFEE SIG do not adopt EWAOL as the reference implementation, the blueprint will be integrated with the alternative provided.


Close alignment with CE-OSS and SOAFEE SIG stakeholders. Ensure that CE-OSS is not on the critical path for EWAOL.

Board support isn’t publicly upstreamed (boot loader, kernel, device drivers, etc.)

Medium / Low

Involve additional engineering staffing , if available, to complete the upstreaming.

Comment : Decoupling the System Ready certification from the SOAFEE requirements renders this risk irrelevant.

Timely availability of target hardware in sufficient quantities for the team to work with.

Low / High

  • Acquire hardware for engineers at the start of the project

    • Adopt alternative HW platforms that are agreeable to all parties. This may introduce additional risks that will need to be mitigated

  • Deliver 4U chassis / AAV platform to Linaro’s lab is WIP.

If the AVA platform is not working in an acceptable/suitable manner we may need to allocate changes for an alternative device under test hardware


  • Need to reach agreement on the platform that will meet the needs of both parties and achieve the expected results. Close alignment as per comms plan

    • We will be working with other systems in parallel.

Receiving timely information from SoC and peripheral vendors is at times difficult, which may impede productivity.


Linaro and Arm will work with the relevant vendors to mitigate the impact on the project deliverables and key dates.

Upstreaming features readiness may have an impact on engineering deliverables


This risk may impact the schedule. Identifying upstreaming needs early to mitigate their impact on the schedule.

Linaro will work with Arm and its engineering teams on collaboratively building a detailed plan of delivery. Details will be worked on in an agile approach to address the latest requirements in the proper order.


Active engagement between Linaro, OSS and the LoB stakeholders will ensure a timely decision making that will keep the project’s backlog healthy and up to date. In addition, Periodical reviews the SoW and issuing addendums or section re-writes to cover the scope changes is desired.

Some features will require development from scratch (e.g. secure orchestration of containers).


An investigative phase will be added to identify key deliverables and risks associated with such tasks and continued engagement with the Arm LoB will ensure continued alignment and minimize wasted work

Lack of EWAOL contribution model will result in carrying patches that will require rebasing when new EWAOL releases are made which will cause additional maintenance burden on the team causing a delay in meeting other engineering deliverables.


Have a contribution model/agreement in place by the start of the project

  • Future updates to this risk once OSS discussion is had.