2022-07-27 Meeting notes


Jul 27, 2022


  • @Shashi Mallela

  • @Lorenzo Pieralisi

  • @Niyas Sait

  • @julianus.larson

  • Fugang (CIX)

  • Bob (CIX)

  • Steve (CIX)

  • Jammy (CIX)

 Discussion topics





@Lorenzo Pieralisi


SCMI has good capabilitiy with ACPI.

SystemReady does not mandate any power methods.

No perfect device exist today for client PC power management related work. Juno is outdated.

SCMI interface could be emulated in TF-A. QEMU could be potentially used to build an emulated platform with acpi power methods and capabilities to validate the software stack.

Lorenzo can put the details (e.g: what needs to be emulated etc.) on confluence and Shashi can identify if anymore work is required on QEMU to support that.

@Shashi Mallela

RD-N2 FVP Feedback


Lorenzo - FVP can be also used for power management emulation.

@Shashi Mallela

Power management tests in FWTS


@Fugang Duan

Rasbperry Pi Power Management


Last Meeting Actions:https://linaro.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CLIENTPC/pages/28742385923

RPi has only limited power management capabilities and does not look like a suitable platform for power management capabilities

@Fugang Duan

NXP i.MX8MP could be a potential reference platform for PM works.

Good support for power management capabilities in device tree.

EDK2 firmware bring up might be required.

Add IMX platform support to the table.

@Fugang Duan

Linux ACPI power management summary




Jammy - Platforms needs to be decided before we can investigate the tasks.


Reference Platform for Power, Performance and Thermal Management

Jammy - Can we add an extra column in acpi platform table to capture platforms that could be extended for a missing feature.


 Action items

CIX to investigate NXP i.MX8MP viability for power management works

Already update here: https://linaro.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CLIENTPC/pages/28738454326/Platform+statistics+for+ACPI+support

Linaro to investigate emulated approach with QEMU/FVP