Administering a list

Unlike Mailman 2, where you had to explicitly get to a list’s admin interface via a separate URL and password, Mailman 3 incorporates the admin interface into the list’s main page.

So, in other words, when you are looking at the list of lists you are subscribed to:

clicking on the list name either takes you to the list’s summary page with just the ability to subscribe/unsubscribe and access the archives or, if you are a moderator or owner of the list, you will see more options across the top of the page:

The options displayed will depend on whether you are a moderator or owner. Only subscription requests and held messages are available to both moderators and owners. The remaining options are for owners only.

Subscription requests

If changes to a list’s subscriptions must be approved first, this is where you will find the relevant options:

Held messages

If some messages must be approved before being accepted into the list, the “Held messages” tab is where you will find them.

User management

There is quite a lot that can be done from here:

On the Moderators and Owners pages, you can add and remove moderators and owners respectively. Unlike Mailman 2, there is no shared password. As explained at the start of this page, users sign in as themselves and then are offered the management tools if they have appropriate permissions.

On the Members page, you can unsubscribe individuals and you can also change the list-specific settings for individuals by clicking on their address. List-specific settings include how you want posts from this person to be moderated:

Mass subscription and removal of users is done via the “Mass operations” tab.


The bulk of the list’s settings are found under the “Settings” tab:

Each section has a lot of help text so no further explanation will be provided here.

Ban list

You can ban a single email address or use a regular expression to match similar email addresses.

Header filters

You can add a rule to look for a header in an incoming email and take a prescribed action if the header matches.


This will remove the mailing list from the system. Please note that it does not remove the corresponding archives under HyperKitty. For public lists, these archives will continue to remain accessible. For private lists, the archives will only be accessible to Linaro’s IT department.

Rspamd spam filtering

Rspamd is an advanced spam filtering system which scans each message and computes a score for them. Linaro’s rspamd is configured as follows.

  • Any message which scores 15 or above will get rejected.

  • Any message which scores 4 or above will add header lines like “X-Spam: Yes”. If you want to hold these messages under the moderation queue, add a rule against each list as shown below: