Open-CMSIS-Pack Decision Committee Meeting 2023-01-23


Eric Finco

Kyle Dando

Joachim Krech

Bill Fletcher


#184 Add clang entry to CompilerEnumType to *.PDSC format - ACCEPTED

#191 Board UUID should only allow canonical UUID representation - ACCEPTED

#181 Add side and url attributes to package/boards/board/image element - ACCEPTED

#186 Extending file element with attributes language and scope - ACCEPTED

#173 Add Hclass and Hgroup predefined values for <part> element classification - ACCEPTED

#174 <mountedDevices> element not required for Daughter Boards description - ACCEPTED

#182 Add Hvendor and Hname as attributes of <accept>, <require> and <deny> elements - ACCEPTED


#188 How to manage boards with many revision? - DEFERRED (action Eric to follow up completion of the proposal with c. 1 month timeframe)