This page is to capture the status and progress of Perl support for windows on arm.



  • Perl can be compiled, and test suite is passing (from this commit, should be in version v5.36.0).

  • CPAN Packages can be installed

  • No support for any Perl distributions yet.

Build/test from Source

See this recipe:


You can use perl5 package available from .

Cpanm must be called from a Visual prompt: your PATH should contain cl.exe, nmake

cd C:/ # unzip from C:/ unzip dir C:/perl/bin/ # add bin folder to PATH set PATH=C:/perl/bin;%PATH% # cl.exe and nmake must be available from this prompt cl.exe # install a package using cpanm cpanm JSON

Perl Distributions

On Windows, two Perl distributions are available:

  • Strawberry:

  • ActivePerl:

Strawberry seems to be most used one. It packages perl, with a compiler (mingw) and precompiled libraries to allow installation of any CPAN package easily.

ActivePerl has its own package system, and most of them are outdated today.

Strawberry WoA port is blocked by availability of MinGW/MSYS:


Perl uses GitHub Actions.