Introduction is a Free & Open Source Image Editor.


GIMP is available using msys2/clangarm64 .

How to install

Install and open clangarm64 prompt.

pacman -Sy mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gimp3

Then, you can launch gimp command.

About binary distribution

Gimp can be built using msys2, or cross compilation from Linux. MSVC is not supported (may work, but don’t expect anything).

Linux cross-compilation uses crossroad .

Currently, the gimp CI infrastructure does not have any windows on arm machine. Alas, it’s needed to be able to build msys2 package.

Thus, we are exploring the other solution, which is to add win-arm64 support to crossroad, thanks to llvm-mingw toolchain.

For now, a patch has been sent to add Windows on Arm support to crossroad, and it’s currently under discussion with the maintainer.

An issue ( ) was created to add support for WoA.

Another one was opened ( ) to request for an native windows-arm64 runner in GNOME infrastructure.

Experimental installer

Someone has been working on an installer for Gimp 2.10 (stable branch): . Same work will be done for main branch.

This experimental installer is now available here: .

Continuous Integration

GIMP foundation runs its own farm for CI. A community member has offered to use his person WoA machine for the purpose, more is being provided for their use by Arm.