Building from source

Mostly follow the instructions under .

Tested with version v6.36.0. You will need to update packages.json under engines update the node version to at least 20.9.0 to get support for the Windows on Arm platform.

You will also need to remove under dependencies both NodeRT entries as it currently does not support Windows on Arm. Apart from that just follow the normal instructions and you will be able to have Signal built and the executable will be under release\win-arm64-unpacked\Signal.exe


NodeRt ( ) does not support WoA and from its documentation it requires the SDK for WinRT versions that do not have arm64 support. Further investigation would be needed to enable it, however, as Signal desktop seems to work properly with just removing it there seems to be no reason to move this forward. We started a discussion on the Signal forums about this Building and releasing for Windows on Arm - Development / Desktop Development - Signal Community ( but without answers as of yet.