Audacity is the world's most popular audio editing and recording app. It is widely used in Windows. Now, support has been added for building on ARM64. Audacity uses Conan build system to link against its dependencies. Various packages like RapidJSON, wxWidgets, opus file had to be updated inorder for Audacity to be built natively on Windows on Arm64. Audacity builds need MSYS2. Currently. MSYS2 is a work in progress and therefore the environment variable needs to be set birder for MSYS2 (emulated) shell to be used instead.



On a MSYS2 bash shell

conan profile detect cat > global.conf << EOF EOF conan config install global.conf rm global.conf


Once the environment configuration is set up, building a binary is simple as following these steps :

mkdir build cd build cmake -A arm64 -S ../ -B . cmake --build . (From an administrator cmd shell) cmake --build . --target install --config Release


Continuous Integration

Audacity team uses GitHub action exclusively to build regular binaries for all targets. Lack of Arm64 Github runners has not enabled Windows on Arm64 builds currently.


Binary Availability

Audacity is expected to include Windows on Arm64 support in 3.5 release. However, until Github runners for Arm64 are available, we do not expect a binary published.