Tensorflow Lite

TensorFlow is a free and open-source AI/ML framework from Google used for training and inferencing of neural networks. Tensorflow Lite is designed as a smaller subset of Tensorflow aimed at deployment on mobile and edge devices.



  • Make sure to set the environment variables BAZEL_LLVM, BAZEL_VC and TF_PYTHON_VERSION to the respective proper directories on your system as well as the Python version you are using.

  • Go to the XNNPACK folder and open the WORKSPACE file. Fix the directory of the local repositories to match to your own clones of pthreadpool and cpuinfo. Do the same for Tensorflow under tensorflow\workspace2.bzl

  • Now run

    bazel.exe build //tensorflow/lite:tensorflowlite --cpu=arm64_windows --compiler=clang-cl --copt="/clang:-march=armv8-a+dotprod+fp16+i8mm" --cxxopt="/clang:-march=armv8-a+dotprod+fp16+i8mm"
  • You will find tensorflow.dll inside the bazel-bin\tensorflow directory