Stratos2022-03-03 Project Stratos Meeting Notes

2022-03-03 Project Stratos Meeting Notes


Mar 3, 2022


  • @Alex Bennée

  • @Vincent Guittot

  • Arnaud Pouliquen

  • @Don Harbin

  • @Randy Linnell

  • @Peter Griffin

  • Chrisopher Clark


  • MP: Xen Sys Crate

    • console_io, shutdown

    • currently working on map memory

    • not much response from out-of-tree upstream since initial patches

  • CC: can ping doug

  • AJB: was the repo something he was doing in his spare time? time to move to upstream repo?

  • CC: should we do an email thread

  • MP:

  • CC: will ping Doug and raise with Xen community

Sprint Planning

 Action items

@Mathieu Poirier @Christopher Clark: chase up community to work out location for repo
@Vincent Guittot will raise some subcards for
@Alex Bennée check about access to Sprint board