2022-04-13 Project Stratos Sync Meeting notes


Apr 13, 2022


  • @Alex Bennée

  • @Viresh Kumar

  • @Leonardo Garcia

  • @Randy Linnell

  • @Mathieu Poirier

  • @Vincent Guittot

  • @Arnd Bergmann

  • Christopher Clark

  • Srinivas Ramana





  • AJB: mentioned the xen-vhost-master PoC is working

    • SS: is it using the xen libs?

    • VK: yes at the moment, slowly migrating to rust

    • SS: did you need Epams non-upstream patches?

    • VK: yes

    • SS: does this integrate with xl create?

    • VK: not yet, start manually

      • should send out an email tomorrow with details of the repos

    • SS: a bit of automation is missing for the disk

  • AJB:

    • sprint planning

  • SS: we are going to work on qemu (IOREQ Xen PV on ARM)

    • AJB: the kvm/tcg patches are the disaggregation patches

    • SS: for speed stick to current x86 xen model

    • SS: introduce Vikram

  • AB: I have a question about Xen on Cortex-R52

    • SS: we want to port to R52, static partitioning, dom0less

    • SS: linux not really required

    • AB: don’t want to encourage mmu-less linux, please let it die in peace

    • SS: we not planning on it, maybe useful for testing but unlikely for production

    • AJB: is there interest in expanding Cortex-R profile support for QEMU

    • SS: yes, there is interest, talk to Edgar

    • AB: been looking at expanding “virt” support for other CPU types

    • SS: that would be interesting

      • could have virt devices on “random” CPU types

    • AJB: maybe a virtualised test machine for multiple CPU types?

      • AB: kernel support for “Goldfish” machine which does that

      • AJB: is it documented

      • AB: a bit

      • AB: mostly virt with minimal HW where it makes sense

 Action items

@Viresh Kumar add breakdown of stories for xen-vhost-master to sprint
@Stefano Stabellini do introduction of Vikram to @Alex Bennée