2021-09-16 Project Stratos Sync Meeting notes


  • Mike

  • Alex

  • Vincent

  • Mathieu

  • Peter G

  • Matt Spencer (ARM)

  • Don

  • Randy

  • Arnd

  • Souvik

  • Ed Doxat

  • Illias


Discussion topics

  • Xen/Rust enablement

    • Linaro TSC to talk about SCMI and Rust on the next TSC call

    • Work to implement hypercall ABI for userspace - ioctl, wrappers to rustVMM and vhost user server (QEMU) using virtio in rustVMM - this is a lot of work

    • In Parallel, is Rust going o solve the problems? Are we confidant that rust can be used

    • SCMI is a C application with Zephyr, op-tee : Linaro TSC to talk about SCMI and Rust on the next TSC call already MISRA C compliant. How big is core code - not sure, used in many modules. cortex-M used. needs only few hundred kb RAM.

    • Alex: bare-metal Rust, the community appears interested, should this be separate, MP: that would narrow potential use.

    • Do we consider bare metal now: Mike IMO no, get something working sooner at a higher level. Zepher targeting QEMU machine model, no DT at runtime. AB: how? : VG: have a bridge, vhost user, but should be done by the hypervisor

    • Xen and Rust both interested in this, we need to make it happen, there is a sub in Xen. MH: how hard

    • MP: need this if we want daemons running on Xen

    • Alex can use libxl for POC rather thenaRust. Xen community say there is tight binding between libXL and version of Xen. Stable is in developer’s head.

    • virtioXL is on Arms roadmap: ed Doxat, fork in the road in understanding. Alex fork ? kvmtool or other ? : ED kvmtool is a parameter, merging with Xen needed more exploration, wanted to see where this group was heading.

    • Alex 2 sides - implement stable ABI - Xen specific, how that works with rustVMM and the design philosophy. HyperV being integrated on rustVMM. Can we get a minim set of features?

    • Ed Arm only looking at generic drivers, how do we do a demo. Alex we have enough backends to work with on a type 1.

    • Mike: suggests Xen with RustVMM, +1 Alex, Matt, Mathieu p

    • RustVMM security was presented at KVM forum.

    • Ed which platforms : Matt https://www.ipi.wiki/pages/com-hpc-altra - need to see where rustVMM discussion has got to, confirm platform

    • Ed to follow up for call in 2 weeks time. Would like to see Peters plans

    • Matt : platform not available next month, not read for sale. System ready SR compliant, its not plain sailing for Xen. PSCI device tree will not be available, whats available in which guests. MP: not done or not available. Alex: Xen - Machiatobin - secure level passthrough was the issue, per platform hack in Xen. We have a card for doing that.

    • Matt - Betrand and Alex might need to have a chat.

    • Ed: Guests in hosts might be an issue

    • Alex has rpi4, not sysready, has proper firmware etc . MAtt ES + SR : Illias IR, Arnd have proprietary, loads EDK2 from a disk.

    • Arnd if you want Xen, don't use EDK2 because its bigger.

    • Illias has booted pi4 already, Alex ping me to save headaches

    • AVA has yocto recipys, but not upstream kernel (ampere kernel). Matt don't know specifics

    • https://gitlab.arm.com/soafee/working-groups/-/tree/main/groups/ecosystem/SOAFEE_reference

    • https://gitlab.arm.com/soafee/working-groups/-/blob/main/groups/ecosystem/SOAFEE_reference/R1/ava_dev_platform_soafee_bringup.md


Action items

@Alex Bennée - sketc up cards. we agreed on trying xen, rustVMM and using pi4/ new arm platform
Ed is to come back in 2 weeks after ramping up a little.