Stratos2022-03-30 Project Stratos Meeting

2022-03-30 Project Stratos Meeting


Mar 30, 2022


  • @Alex Bennée

  • @Mathieu Poirier

  • @Bill Mills

  • @Arnd Bergmann

  • @Viresh Kumar

  • @Mike Holmes

  • @Matt Spencer

  • @Vincent Guittot

  • Christopher Clark

  • @Don Harbin

  • @Peter Griffin

  • Srinivas Ramana

  • @Tim Benton

  • @François Ozog (Deactivated)

  • @Randy Linnell


  • Reminder date change: 29/3/22 (Wednesday afternoons, every two weeks)

  • Follow-up on Xen sys crate

  • Follow-up on vhost-user work


  • VK: Rust based i2c on Xen, PoC

    • Dom0 host kernel, with backend

    • DomU guest kernel

    • vhost-master from crate + bits from cloud hypervisor

    • linked in with EPAMs PoC virtio work

  • AB: we could create a shadow FD after the fact and pass that

  • AJB: any example of this

  • AB: KVM?

  • AJB: talked about irqfd/eventfs redirection:

  • AB: You can have FD sharing the vma sctructure

    • similar to fork semantics

  • MP: xen-sys crate double buffering working

    • nested memory buffers

    • now looking at Xen Foreign Map API

  • CC: hasn’t been able to talk to Doug

    • had changes been addressed?

    • MP: yes

    • MP: quiet since Jan

    • what about the Xen Test Framework

    • MP: only used to exercise the hypercalls

  • MP: basically want to know if he cares to go on

  • AJB: talked about our thoughts about where to host repo

    • we are ering towards hosting it in rust-vmm

  • CC: like the idea of being maintained in the community

  • BM: Where any changes available to the guest

    • AJB:

  • BM: when do we get to virtio-iommu?

    • needed for the limited memory interface

  • AB: thinks the iommu translation gets in the way

    • would need new code to support this in guest kernel

  • BM: fixed region will be the first limited memory visibility

    • will be used for the A/R hetrogenous modesl

  • VG: fixed region works well but SCMI only uses small descriptors

  • AB: still need copy in copy out

  • AB: iommu models makes more sense for fixed maps

    • e.g. static frame buffers

    • stable mappings

  • AB: some progress being made on fat virtqueue

 Action items