2022-11-11 Project Stratos Meeting notes


Nov 11, 2022


  • @Alex Bennée

  • Christopher W Clark

  • @Stefano Stabellini


 Discussion topics

  • CC/AJB: Had a chat about the various aspects of memory sharing

  • SS: 3 key areas to left

    • VirtIO with QEMU

      • need a smaller QEMU with just Xen and VirtIO at 50Kb instead of 20Mb

      • AJB: hopefully the single binary will help with that

    • Unprivileged VirtIO (i.e. limited memory view)

      • this is where QNX wins because it’s almost impossible to safety certify a Linux Dom0 vs QNX’s privileged micro-kernel model

      • multiple ways on doing this. Could Argo play a role

    • VM to VM comms

      • VirtIO is too complex and still not safety certifiable

      • Lack of hypervisor in OpenAMP could be a problem for Argo

      • AJB: should bring CC in next time we talk to @Bill Mills re OpenAMP

 Action items