2022-09-30 Project Stratos Meeting notes




  • @Alex Bennée

  • @Arnd Bergmann

  • @Don Harbin

  • Stewart Hildebrand (AMD Xilinx)

  • Alyssa Ross

  • Tomas Evensen (AMD Xilinx)

  • Ayan Kuma Halder (AMD Xilinx)

  • @Mathieu Poirier

  • @Jean-Philippe Brucker

  • Luka Perkov (Satura)



Date: 30/9/2022 (poll @ https://doodle.com/meeting/organize/id/aKZB8Qne )

  • Review the project goals

    • are the 4 (virtio, safety island, boot orchestration, written standards) still relevant

  • Potential Future Work

    • Should we implement Xen support for rust-vmm’s vmm-reference?

      • might be useful but does it advance Stratos goals?

    • rust-vmm bare metal backends

      • is it time to do a PoC for this?

      • would be hypervisor specific, but see how flexibile the crate method is

      • should it target 2 hypervisors (build time config)

    • xen-virt model for QEMU (https://linaro.atlassian.net/browse/STR-19 )

      • enable more VirtIO devices via QEMU

    • enabling more hypervisors - what about pKVM, it may have KVM in the title but it’s not totally transparent to VirtIO or probably rust-vmm at the moment

  • Any pre-discussion about virtio-camera?

    • will discuss in more detail with stakeholders for the next meeting

 Discussion topics

  • AMD interested in

    • Xen support

    • QEMU support (IOREQ server)

  • AJB: what about safety island and boot orchestration

    • Ayan: has a functional safety roadmap

    • Tomas: we have our own boot orchestration

      • documentation of APIs is a useful piece of work

  • Tomas: are you interested in other hypervisors

    • AJB: yes but we can’t do the work

    • Tomas: will reach out

  • Tomas: QEMU stuff is number 1

  • Luka: we are interested in rust-vmm

    • We deal with embedded network devices and firmware

    • Good for building efficient VMM controller

    • Looking at unikernels

    • using it as a vmm to control things

    • ublk io_uring (userspace block faster than network block storage)

  • Ayan: safety island and orcehstration (AJB: send notes)

  • Alysaa: virtio-gpu -vhost-user

    • QEMU and CrosVM

    • incompatible

    • CrosVM sends dmabufs

    • it would be nice to see a standardised version

    • CrosVM tried to to bring things to to rust-vmm and then forked again

    • virtio-gpu is really just a generalized memory sharing that happens to be used for gpus

 Action items

@Alex Bennée write up some cards/refresh old ones for the 3 areas of work (rust-vmm monitor/Xen QEMU Virtio/virtio-vhost-user