Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2021-06-15


Jun 15, 2021



Maxime Dortel

Bill Fletcher

Donatien Garnier

Reinhard Keil

Martin Kojtal

Joachim Krech

Anmar Oueja

Abhishek Pandit

David Jurajda

Petr Hradsky




JK: No WG call next week as there is the CMSIS Review Meeting on 22nd June

(Preview of the slides for 22nd June)

AP: Interested in backlog/process

JK: Focus is on MVP to get from packs with components to application binary. Also set in WP as initial goal. Need to build the backlog. Still need to resolve the permission issue for Jira visibility.


BF: Access to Jira (to view) is public. To make a change or to comment needs an authenticate. ST and NXP attendees are welcome to ask for access - contact Bill Fletcher

JK: Feedback on email communication - generally ok

Action: Bill to send a link to the meeting notes to the mailing list after the call


JK: Created a miscellaneous/playground repo

DJ: Still need to pass some qualification tests before being able to share code there

JK: Yes, please don’t bypass any internal processes. Also please make sure that code posted has licenses etc. Don’t want to encounter issues when moving it out.


JK: Open discussions list - do we move these or create user stories not to lose the discussion?

(no disagreement)

JK: Need to continue to make progress in the data migration. Have 2 weeks to close out the significant parts. Should try to get the closed part behind us as quickly as possible.


DJ: Should we discuss long term view or stay focussed on MVP for next 2 weeks?

JK: If have the B/W to look at both. Quite a number of ideas for things we can look at. Priority-wise the order should be: moving the data over, then MVP, then looking forward.


DJ: Think this is interesting - (Z3 is a state-of-the art theorem prover from Microsoft Research. It can be used to check the satisfiability of logical formulas over one or more theories)

JK: Do you want to reserve time in a future meeting? Would be useful to have it in the discussion. Can label it as a special interest discussion if necessary.