Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2021-12-07


Dec 7, 2021


Joe Alderson

Jonatan Antoni

Daniel Brondani

Maxime Dortel

Mark Edgeworth

Eric Finco

Bill Fletcher

Graham Hammond

Samuel Hultgren

Reinhard Keil

Joachim Krech

Laurent Meunier

Charles Oliveira

Keoni P.

Frederic Ruelle

David Jurajda



Last Two Weeks

Issues #56,#57,#58, #59, #61

#57 Feedback on Conditions - decided not to extend the current scheme for now.

Welcome PRs to improve the documentation

#59 Common format for tools

A proposal on how to take the error messages and harmonize across all tools.

Project Manager

With Project Manager if we want to do some experiments - is it integrated in the build system?

No - it’s stand alone. Not fully automated.

Possible to get .cprj

Would like everyone to look at how the tool is developed and working internally to contact us. At the moment the intention is to publish just the binaries.

The executables and source code are in Daniel’s private repository. The link is to the binaries.

Source code is on an internal repo. It has to do with Arm’s internal IP review policy. Can look at speeding up access if it’s important.

Complex Reference Software

Contact Eric and Frederic if need access since one library is restricted.

Solution should not define the order, solution should define the dependencies, then it’s up to the build system to deal with that

Need a solution that doesn’t add files.

Progress on ‘cpackget’

Does it mean we can easily have several CMSIS_PACK_ROOT ?

Can specify on command line but we don’t store it anywhere.

And where is the Accept memorized ? Is it reported to the pack vendor ?

Not communicated to the vendor.

Blog Post

Draft blog post:

Next Meetings

No meetings 21st, 28th Dec or 4th Jan