Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2021-10-19


Oct 19, 2021


Joe Alderson

Jonatan Antoni

Maxime Dortel

Eric Finco

Bill Fletcher

Graham Hammond

Reed Hinkel

Reinhard Keil

Martin Kojtal

Joachim Krech

David Leach

Charles Oliveira

Daniel Brondani

David Jurajda

Petr Hradsky




CMSIS-Zone for ST use cases

(demo from Jonatan)

1 - Sequential execution contexts and memory re-use

EF: Does it work if you allocate the same peripheral twice?

JA: Yes. Would be mapped as shared peripheral

EF: What kind of file is output?

JA: Based on templates in ftl folder

JK: ST put spatial allocation of zones side by side but need to have it hierarchical.

EF: Should the hierarchy represent the order of configuration.

JA: No link between both.

JK: The order logic would need to be implemented outside of this.

JA: Up to the implementer of the bootloader.

2 - Using the MPU within an execution context

PH: How are the MPU tables used?

JA: Happens at run-time. Up to the implementer of the applications. CMSIS-Core can load whatever is in these tables. Would need to be done when the scheduler decides a context switch needs to happen.

EF: Will review on our side.

Revisiting ‘projmgr’

DB: Add link to Red Hat library.

JK: Feedback much appreciated. This is what we wanted to achieve for MVP.

EF: On the top level diagram we see the arrows between projmgr and .cprj files are bidirectional. What could the mechanism be?

JK: cproject file is “temporary” but it’s useful in that redistributable and editable (you also need the tool). Less essential to be able to go the other way.

Open Topics

DJ: Review is still in progress

EF: Possibility to choose the name of the root directory?