Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2021-07-13


Jul 13, 2021


Joachim Krech

Jonatan Antoni

Reinhard Keil

Daniel Brondani

David Jurajda

Eric Finco

David Noverraz

Graham Hammond

Joe Alderson

Laurent Meunier

Tarek Bouchkati

Pascale Mondoloni

Charles Oliveira



Welcome - Reinhard requests to recap on what was presented last week for people who did not attend that meeting as part of the “Feedback” slot.

Daniel presents his work about ‘Assisted Pack creation based on CmakeLists’

Example and CLI tool binaries (Win/Linux) are available here: Follow instructions form the

Note: Demo1 requires to run on Linux, Demo2 runs on both windows and Linux

LM: Relevant tool, as many software stack project use Cmake today. What are the plans to make this tool openly available ?

RK: Currently only pre-build Win and Linux binaries. The plan is to contribute it to the Open-CMSIS-Pack repository alongside CMSIS-Build and the other libraries.


EF: As part of the move from Shadowfax to Open-CMSIS-Pack processes changed, this needs getting used to. We shall agree on priorities and limit the number of topics being looked at in parallel

RK: Arm priorities are driven by progressing the development of the tools based on agreed approaches.

EF: Pack creation is certainly an interesting topic. The two high priority topics for STMicroelectronics are around CMSIS-Build as well as CMSIS-Pack evolution (e.g. Taxonomy)

DN: Top priority for Renesas is around Multi-Core, TrustZone enabled devices regarding resource assignment. They are driven by their customer’s requirements, CMSIS-Zone does not appear to be satisfying customer needs and Renesas is developing their “secret sauce” including pending patents, hence they can not share.

RK: Even though Rensas can not share their ideas, hopefully Renesas will be able to prevent the group from making significant mistakes.

DJ: still working on the “include path estimation script” to be contributed to the project. Under review process within NXP at the moment.

Action all: Please send an email to letting us know which instances of the meeting you won’t be able to join in the coming weeks, so we can cancel in case we are lacking critical mass.

Reinhard presented: Issue #12 Potential Tool Flow for Project Generation.

Question: is using YML file format a better input format for specifying ctarget, cprjX, clayerX?

Action all: please review and provide feedback by commenting on the github issues

Next meeting: Tuesday July 20th 2021, 15:00 – 16:00 (UK)


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