Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2021-11-09


Nov 9, 2021


Joe Alderson

Jonatan Antoni

Maxime Dortel

Mark Edgeworth

Leo Farfalle

Eric Finco

Bill Fletcher

Graham Hammond

Samuel Hultgren

Reinhard Keil

Martin Kojtal

Joachim Krech

Laurent Meunier

Charles Oliveira

Frederic Ruelle

Daniel Brondani

David Jurajda



Activities from last week

Pack Search Path

EF: Pack search path is decoupled from cmsis_pack_root. Also have request from some customers to import packs into a specific directory.

JK: Could set cmsis_pack_root to point to a specific folder but key point is that you have both.

PackChk, Schema and Documentation maintenance

EF: Question on upstream tools. The version upstreamed - is it the same that existed in Arm before?

JA: Basically packcheck is the same as before but with cosmetic code changes. The only function change - used svdconf but it never worked on systems other than Windows so it has been removed.

Project Manager Overview

FR: I think we still have the disagreement about one "solution" or application project managing several HW targets => shall we log it in the new issue too ?

RK: Please log it in a new issue. I suggest let’s try it out, but it’s not mandatory.

FR: ok, if it is not mandatory then probably it is fine

build-types : I am happy with it

target-types : I am doubtful

ok, we can give a try and make bets :-)

I would bet 10$ that it gets too complicated versus the gain when it comes to HW-related applications

now, for AI : if HW does not matter that much, yes, maybe

but for AI I guess you care for the Cortex, the FPU, the memories but not the peripherals and their drivers

EF: In this proposal are there some differences vs what was presented in previous meeting?

RK: Have been many proposals and hard to follow all of them …

EF: Just to understand if you changed your mind on anything

RK: No, not really. The diagram in the issue is just a refinement.

JK: Some more wording/specification has been added in terms of order of precedence etc.

EF: When do you expect feedback on this?

RK: Have started to implement it. In the next 4 weeks would like to come to final things. Maybe won’t be able to get CMSIS-Zone stuff done but at least get the project stuff done.

Wrap Up

JK: Next week’s meeting will be skipped to give time for people to catch up.