Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2021-11-02


Nov 2, 2021


Jonatan Antoni
Daniel Brondani
Maxime Dortel
Leo Farfalle
Eric Finco
Bill Fletcher
Samuel Hultgren
Joachim Krech
Laurent Meunier
Frederic Ruelle
Petr Hradsky



Actions from last week

LM: - Adding wording proposed by ST?

JK: Yes

EF: For character delimiters in #41 - need to make sure they’re not used within the attributes. Also in #9 the user can specify different locations - how to define some priorities in the search path?

JK: Didn’t make a proposal as such. Assumption is ROOT points to a directory and looks at extracted packs. What we identified in the discussion makes sense in a project workspace. What are the other scopes/use-cases?

SH: Think we see a priority in the hierarchy. Could inherit from user and override the project level.

JK: Would be useful to write it down.

Update on project format

DB: Application is a type of project. “Solution” is how Visual Studio describes a group of projects

FR: “Solution” is same scope. Have to describe which name we keep.

JK: Good area for the glossary.

FR: solution makes me think of .sln and makes a strong link with Visual Studio

JK: What is a name you prefer: Workspace? Application Project does not sound universal enough.

FR: To me Workspace > Application project. In your workspace you can have multiple application projects. Application project is really the bundle of SW projects you need for your application

FR: Default behaviour is not the place where we would define some profiles. That would be at a lower level.

FR: In fact we need to define the flexibility we want and what we gain between layers and solutions. Here I think that for sharing the same application layer all the lower level layers will be different

LM: Reinhardt’s view of Workspace on GitHub

JK: Need to understand the relationship between a Solution and a Workspace. Do we allow multiple Solutions in one Workspace? That’s what the user will see in an IDE.

DB: In Keil Studio Workspace defines the tree. Solution is a virtual selection of files.

FR: For me, Workspace is my area - mix of solutions and partial projects. Workspace may already be used as a term in the environment eg. in Visual Studio

DM: “Project Umbrella” Proposal.

FR: Is the Issues #33

Wrap up