Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2021-11-23


Nov 23, 2021


Joe Alderson
Jonatan Antoni
Maxime Dortel
Leo Farfalle
Eric Finco
Bill Fletcher
Samuel Hultgren
Reinhard Keil
Martin Kojtal
Joachim Krech
Laurent Meunier
Charles Oliveira
Frederic Ruelle
Daniel Brondani
David Jurajda
Petr Hradsky




Project Manager

Pack sizes

EF: Pack size issue not blocking today. See a big diversity in packs. Modularity is interesting and small packs are a good design pattern. Don’t see how we put a hard limit - good topic for discussion and to provide some examples of good practice.

User stories

FR: User-stories implementation proposal:


EF: Related to workspace discussion and keyword processing. Keep the most general ones related to workspace settings.

RK: Suggest to give it a go and see how it behaves. Just want default settings that make sense.

EF: Same as discussion about defining multiple boards in one solution - question about diversity in solutions.

RK: Feature rich solution at the moment - get feedback on how easy it is to implement.


FR: cprj are the output - can you remind which file is the input?

Non secure code is in the same directory as the secure code in the example

JK: CMSE library is created - called by the non-secure part. Have a common header file.

FR: If we want to deliver the non-secure project - want to deliver the header file and library. Want to have it in a separate folder.

RK: Think the dependency needs review.

Are you asking to separate the library from the output folder

FR: Need to deliver the header separately. My point is really only how to deliver the Non-Secure-Callable : i would like to keep it separated from the Secure. But this does not challenge the global flow.

RK: Understood - needs review

LM: Where are the linker scripts? Can I have the full view from the solution?

DB: Part of the startup. Components have configuration files. See it as part of the resources.

FR: How to leverage clayer?

DB: Need to merge the contents of it. Have an intermediate source directory where we can combine all the layers.

FR: Can be by reference - not copying?

JK: Ultimately it’s about the config files.

FR: Build types? How do you make the decision?

RK: Will be debug and optimisation

Complex Reference Software

FR: To me so many packs is a bit frightening and I am not sure it highlights the user-stories. I think we will focus more on packs than something else. Alternatives from my side:

Next Meeting:

The group agreed to meet again in 2 weeks' time - on Dec. 7th 2021 16:00 CET

No meeting next week!