Open-CMSIS-PackOpen-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2021-07-06

Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2021-07-06


Jul 6, 2021


Joachim Krech

Jonatan Antoni

Reinhard Keil

David Noverraz

Daniel Brondani

Charles Oliveira

Eric Finco

Martin Kojtal

Tarek Bochkati

Pascale Mondolonie

Sophie Williams

Joe Alderson

Francois Ozog

Graham Hammond

Laurent Meunier




JK opens the meeting, welcomes all attendees and rem the meet will be recorded.

JK presents the agenda, see slides.

EF asks to clarify whats behind “umbrella project”.

JK explains its basically about RKs proposal.

EF prepared some slides to support this discussion.

JK proposal issue workflow, see slides.

JK introduces the planned co-existence between GitHub Issues and Jira tracking.

LM asks if the process will apply to all repos in the org?

JK states that this needs to be checked per repo. Hence he cannot tell, yet, and wants to stay flexible.

RK adds that this proposal shall not be made in stone. We might need to adopt in the future when requirements change.

RK presents his proposal about “Umbrella Project”. First step has been moving content from the presentation into issues on GitHub to have follow-up discussions. The issues explain what shall be achieved and how this could be done.

RK explains the four file types proposed, i.e. rzone, ctarget, fzone and cprj; see GitHub Issue #7. Suggestion is to integrate CMSIS-Zone into this concept.

LM asks how one shall present different applications targeting the same hardware device.

JoeA proposes to create UI mockups to test out the UI flow.

RK reminds that we need to take care about both, UI and CLI flows.

GH would like to know how about the notion to combine project and target hardware.

RK thinks about the notion to be a workspace folder. But we should be flexible on how to organize projects as one solution might not fit all requirements. The actual solution is still to be defined into more details. At some point we need to consider additional pieced like debug configuration as well.

GH is concerned about having reproducible builds. Splitting things too far might over-complicate keeping builds to be reproducible.

EF presents ST’s feedback about the provisional roadmap, see ST slides.

JK closes the meeting as we run over time.

RK wants to encourage all to review the issues/discussions on GitHub.