Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2022-05-10


Jonatan Antoni

Jaeden Amero

Charles Oliveira

Cristian Tepus

Daniel Brondani

David Jurajda

Eric Finco

Holt Sun

Joachim Krech

Keoni P.

Reinhard Keil

Kyle Dando

Luis Tonicha




Meeting Notes

Decision about founding a Steering Group (SG) for approval of specification changes is required. Each LITE member shall be represented in the SG. Deep technical exploration if required shall be offloaded into separate Exploration Teams (ETs) reporting back into the SG and the technical meetings.

FR and JK have created a proposal about the change tracking process in GitHub using GitHub Projects and request for comments, see GitHub Issue #119.

Request for review:

  • Issue #120 about additional HW description files

  • Standardization of $CMSIS_PACK_ROOT

  • Issue #324 about PLM of configuration files (in RTE folder)

  • Issue #121 about GUI representation of project manager YML specs

  • Issue #122 about including examples (csolution/cproject) in packs.
    RK adds that a major impact on this is how example projects are going to be consumed by tools.
    HS raises concerns about whether use cprj or csolution/cproject for shipping examples.
    EF points out that debug configuration is currently missing from the story.

  • Issue #171 about adding debug configuration into the story

Next technical meeting is scheduled for 17th May 2022 @ 15:00pm GMT

Meeting Recording