Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2022-10-25


Evgueni Driouk

Joachim Krech


Bill Fletcher


David Jurajda

Luís Tonicha

Daniel Brondani

Erik Mållberg

Reinhard Keil

Eric Finco


Samuel Hultgren

Vincent Grenet

Petr Hradsky

Holt Sun







Meeting Notes

Change Board

#168 CMSIS-Pack extensions for the current Generator concept

Extracted the changes that ST were asking for and included them in a new issue. One request is file category pre-defined values.

#95 Alternative paths for user friendly project organization

Holt has provided a pull request

Agree that we can’t define it too loosely.

Digital Signatures of Packs (Luis)

EF: Need to determine if the 64KB limitation will be a problem in practice (for very large chain-of-trust)

JK: Is there a simple test to determine the size?

LT: Could enforce a size limit.

JK: .pack.signed is a new extension?

LT: Did a simple filename check to avoid double-signing. Do need a smarter/more distributed way to determine if a pack is signed. This is mainly for demo purposes.

EF: Question of certificate management.

JK: If we agree on a root-of-trust, we could then have the certificate embedded in the binary or install in in the OS.

DB: Assuming after installation we have a secure environment or should we be able to check authenticity after pack installation?

LT: Every operation here is based on compressed pack format prior to install.

For Review


Context Map discussion


No meeting next week (1st Nov) due to public holidays. Next meeting on 8th Nov.

JK: Will send out a invite this Friday Oct 28th Handle components selection/removal in a project #466


Meeting Recording